TattSi started photography in 1986, with his first serious camera – the Canon T70 35mm film SLR. His digital journey had him go through cameras like Canon EOS 300D, 1DMk2, 5D, 7D, 6D (Infra-Red half-colour) , 1DxMk2, Sony Alpha A7RMk2, Mamiya AFD3, DF, DF+ , Leaf Aptus 65S, Leaf Aptus-II 10 .

Another cache of medium format happens to be two sets of RZ67-II series of 6×7 , which allows him to continue to shoot film.


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Image quality & work ethics are important to you. They are essential to us. At S1,000 per 5-hour block, 7-days-a-week, you will get a photographer with sensitivity to creative moods, and the most sound in technical skills.

Different genre of experience : stopping motion , commercial/products, people/events, architecture , panorama-360 and technical setups , all summoned together to be at your service, fulfilling your photography needs in more ways than one.

Basic colour grading, Lightroom for pictures taken, plus picking the best few for more intense Photoshop editing.

Photos generally available 48 hrs after shoot.